Courses :

The group has a history of offering good number of VLSI courses for the students of B-tech and M-tech programs.

The following is the list of various pertinent courses offered in the Institute:

Btech Courses

First Semester :
      EL103  Basics of electronic circuits

Second semester :
      EL113  Digital logic design

Third semester :

Fourth semester :
       EL213  Analog circuits

Fifth semester :
      EL203  Embedded hardware design
      EL322  Introduction to VLSI

Sixth semester :
      ES411  Control systems (open to Btech 4th year)
      EL426  Digital system architecture (open to Mtech 1st year)
      EL312  Solid state devices

Seventh semester :
      EL422  CMOS analog IC design
      EL432  Micro electronics technology (open to Mtech 2nd year)
      EL424  Laboratory in VLSI (open to Mtech 2nd year)

Mtech Courses

First semester :
      EL511  VLSI design

Second semester :
      EL512  VLSI subsystem design
      EL516  Analog CMOS IC design
      EL426  Digital system architecture

Third semester :
      EL517  Advanced analog design
      EL424  Laboratory in VLSI
      EL432  Micro electronics technology