EL432 - Microelectronic Technology
The course primarily focuses on the IC fabrication technologies and its various aspects. It discusses the theory of the Fab Labs and the various processes involved in the fabrication of the chip.
The course content includes the following topics :-
1. Basic Unit processes and Lithography, Subtractive and Additive processes
2. Thermo-chemical Processes: Diffusion, Oxidation, Chemical Vapor Deposition
3. Physical Vapor Deposition: Evaporation and Sputtering, Gettering
4. Plasma Beams and Ions: Ion Beam processes
5. Plasma –based processes: Plasma Etching
6. Lithography and Masking; Photoresists, Aligners
7. CMOS Process Sequences: Submicron Issues
8. Assembly and Packaging
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