EL512 - VLSI subsystem design
This is an advance course of VLSI introduction and CMOS design course. The course mainly comprises the following topics :
1. Modules in a simple processor: ALUs, ROMS, Registers etc.
2. Adders: Half and Full adder implementations. Some common adders: Ripple Carry, Carry Save, Carry Look-ahead adders, Manchester Carry chains.
3. Multipliers: Common Multipliers: Braun Multipliers, Baugh Wooley Multipliers, modified Booths algorithms.
4. Memory Cells and Arrays: ROMS and SRAMs.
5. Clock Distribution and clock skews, 2-phase clock based module designs.
6. Floor planning and layout, Impact of long lines.
7. Power and testability considerations in chip design
8. The vernier technique for digital measurements
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