EL424 - Laboratory in VLSI
The motivation for the course is to emphasize more on the practical aspect of VLSI design by using the concepts already taught in previous VLSI courses.
The course contents comprise Standard Cell Design at layout level using Magic in different logic styles(INVERTER, NAND2, NOR2, NAND3, NOR3, XOR2, XOR3, MUX2, MUX3) & (Static, Dynamic, Mirror, Pass transistor, Transition Logic), Capacitance and Logical Effort calculations should be done for the same, Modules like Adder (different types), Serial bit multiplier, Memory will be designed and Layout should be drawn using the above standard cell library, A 5 stage processor will be given students should understand processor design and working then using above modules to design some of the phases of pipelined processor, Specifications will be given to the students and design procedure will be explained in the lecture students should come up with the design (W/L values of all transistors),Students should design a system, dividing it into sub modules integrating sub modules into modules, and modules to a system.
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