EL312 - Solid state devices
Course provides a good basis for students interested in future research in the Electronics area.
The course contents comprise Properties of Semiconductors with special reference to silicon – crystal structure. The band model of a semiconductor. Distinction between metals, insulators and semiconductors. Charge considerations and current flow in semiconductors. Fermi and quasi-Fermi levels. Recombination and the S-R-H theory. Semiconductor surfaces.
The p-n junction diode and its applications. Equivalent circuit of a diode. Storage time effects. Breakdown in p-n junctions. Zener, backward and tunnel diodes.
Metal-semiconductor and MIS structures. Schottky effect. Schottky diode. The MOS capacitor. High frequency, transient and low frequency behavior of a MOS capacitor
The bipolar junction transistor. Currents and charge profiles in a BJT. Equivalent circuit of a BJT. Integrated structures in Bipolar Technology
The MOSFET. Device symbols. The I-V characteristics of a MOSFET. Equivalent circuit of a MOSFET.
Other structures of interest – p-p+ structures. Multi-junction devices. Junction lasers. Latchup
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