EL426 - Digital system architecture
Hardware Description Language (HDL) based digital design process and rapid prototyping tools like Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) are becoming ubiquitous components in the design of complex digital systems. Their applications are far reaching – design of processors, filters, networking systems. These courses intend to familiarize the students with Verilog HDL, followed by the considerations needed for implementing HDL designed systems on FPGAs.
The course covers the following topics :
Introduction to digital design methodology, Overview of different Programmable Logic Device(PLD) platforms, Fundamentals of sequential logic design – Mealy , Moore machines, Introduction to logic design with Verilog, Behavioral modeling of combinational and sequential logic, Synthesis of combinational and sequential logic, Design and synthesis of Datapath Controllers, Arithmetic processing – Multiplication, Division of signed/unsigned integers and fractions, Pipelining, Design of Filters - FIR , IIR , Audio signal filtering, Communication protocol handling – UART, Ethernet, USB and PLD for embedded applications.
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