ES411 - Control systems
The primary focus is to introduce the basic concepts of control systems, control techniques for design and analysis of real world problems and their simulation and verification using MATLAB/Simulink. This course covers the topics of GATE examination.
The topics covered include :
Introduction to control systems: open loop and closed loop control, components of a basic control loop, Feedback systems, Mathematical models of physical systems.
Block diagram representation of control systems: Transfer function of a system, block diagram reduction technique.
Signal flow graph representation of control systems: obtaining transfer function of a control system.
Transient response analysis: Design specifications, Time response of first, second and higher order systems, Steady state error and error constants.
Stability analysis: concepts of poles and zeros, Routh-Hurwitz criterion, Root Locus technique.
Frequency response analysis: Bode, Polar and Nyquist plots, stability analysis in frequency domain, closed loop frequency response.
Compensators: lead and lag compensators in frequency domain. Proportional (P), Proportional plus Integral (PI), Proportional plus Derivative (PD) and Proportional plus Integral plus Derivative control.
State Variable representation: State model of LTI systems, solution of state equation, state transition matrix, controllability and observability.
Verification of control techniques using MATLAB/Simulink environment.
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