EL113 - Digital Logic Design
This course introduces Boolean expressions and their minimisation using algebraic identities, Karnaugh map representation, Minimisation of Boolean functions using K-map and tabular methods. It covers Combinational Design – Realisation of combinational logic using gates and multiplexers, Programmable circuits (ROM, PAL, PLA, FPGA), Sequential Logic – Latches and Flip-flops, Clock timing, Ripple counters, Synchronous counters, Shift Registers and shift-register counters, Synchronous finite state machines, Mealy and Moore circuits, Introduction to Hardware Description Languages, Arithmetic Hardware – Ripple-carry and carry-look-ahead adders, Sequential adder/multiplier circuits, Combinational multipliers, Programmable ALU, Processor Architecture, Processor as a programmable digital system, Basic constituents of a processor, Datapath and control logic design, Microprogrammed and hardwired control, FPGA implementation, Input/Output Interfaces, Programmed I/O, Interrupt-driven I/O, Programmable Peripheral Interface (PPI) for parallel ports, Programmable serial ports, Microcontrollers.
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